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The wedding setting was at Historic Ashland in Wrightsville, PA.  Such a great day with a fun wedding party dancing into the night 'til the Ribbon Send Off.







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Jenn & Frank Wed https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2021/10/jenn-frank-wed I always comment about how I have the best clients.  Well, I have to add the funnest clients to last Saturday's wedding.  I was laughing the whole day.  I had Morgan on "Frank" cam and she was ready for anything - and did not disappoint.  

We started out at the Fairfield Inn for all the getting ready.  Both Jenn and Frank dressed down the hall from each other.  Off to Presentation BVM.  As you will see in the photos, Father Montero added his humor to the day.  

First stop on the way was a quick photo on the Art Museum steps.  Second, we headed to a hidden gem - New Brooklyn Park for Bridal Party photos.  Before the final stop at Villa Manor, we hit White Horse Winery for a few Bride & Groom portraits.

The reception had a surprise guest couple and baby.  I'm telling you, this day was a blast!





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Jenn and Frank Get 2 Know Session https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2020/11/jenn-and-frank-get-2-know-session Met up with Jenn and Frank at Independence Mall for a stroll around Old City and down to Penn's Landing and back.  Crazy you might say since we did this two days after the election.  But it was like a ghost town.  All the action was by the Convention Center with only a few cars on the street and we passed a handful of people the whole time.  It was the perfect day, summer weather for November and we got some great shots,


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Patti and Jeff, Strawberry Hill Mansion https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2020/10/patti-and-jeff-strawberry-hill-mansion I can't write enough about Sunday's wedding.  Patti and Jeff asked me to photo their wedding just when things were starting to open up again.  An intimate get together with family and close friends at Strawberry Hill Mansion.  The location has photo opportunities everywhere you look.  The weather was perfect, (minus the chill in the air) for photos - the sky provided a giant soft box of light. Friends decorated the mansion to give it warmth and personality so well,  I'm sure I missed a few details as signs and items changed during the night.  Patti and Jeff - thank you again for asking me to capture your day.  Here is a sneak peek of a few things I captured...

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Vacation https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/vacation To quote the lyrics from a Chicago song "Everyone needs a little time away".

This year we went to Nevada, Utah and Arizona.  I highly recommend visiting our National Parks, there is so much to see.  I try to travel light.  Being a photographer - I do want some time off from behind the lens.  BUT, that is impossible.  I have tried a compact camera, it takes good snapshots and that is about it.  This year I kept it to the confines of a backpack.  It held my D500 with 16-80 lens, 14mm lens small travel tripod with remote release and of course my old GoPro.  No laptop for fear that I would do some work and left my phone in the room during our trips, most of our locations didn't get a signal anyway.

Plenty of keepers and it is a chore going through to figure out what I am going to put on the wall - I've got a year to decide before the whole process starts over.

Cool camera shop in Utah

Horseshoe Bend.  Outside Paige, AZ

Devil's Bridge.  Sedona, AZ

Lightning over Snoopy Rock.  Sedona, AZ


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Does every photo need a toothy grin? https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/4/does-every-photo-need-a-toothy-grin I was doing a newborn session today and while the Mom was attending to the baby, I did a few photos with big sis.  This is my test shot, just switched my settings and wanted to make sure I was firing on all cylinders.  When I started doing the edit, this image popped out.  There is something about it that pulls me in.  I am guessing it is her eyes, or maybe I am wondering what this little girl is thinking about.

Whatever it is, this image is interesting to me - it looks innocent and honest.  Nine out of ten grandmas will choose the big grin over this one.  That is OK, I've got that one too.

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New Beginings https://dlutzphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/9/new-beginings Here we are, end of summer and an end of a few old friends. After eleven years, my partnership with Pictage is coming to an end.  I have been casually looking to replace since last fall. Fortunately, I have found this site where I can combine my webpage, blog and client ordering into one.  All current jobs will be transitioned here and a link will be sent prior to Pictage's last day of service.

So for now, I am gradually adding to the content of this page and looking forward to a fresh start with a great partner in the photographic community.

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